Gun Honey

You may know Hard Case Crime. They do reprints of pulp gems and originals of the best crime writers working today. Stephen King goes over to Hard Case when he wants to step out of the Horror lane. Needless to say, if you see a book with the Hard Case logo, it’s a safe bet.

What you may not know is that Hard Case also publishes graphic novels.

Gun Honey, written by Charles Ardai and illustrated by Ang Hor Kheng, is a 4-issue series about Joanna Tan, an arms dealer of sorts who smuggles weapons into high-security locations where they can later be accessed by assassins. (Think of the gun in the toilet left for Michael Corleone). When one of her jobs sours, Joanna gets on the radar of a shadowy government organization…

Gun Honey hits with the slam of a blackjack from start to finish fwhile leaving plenty of room for us to crawl inside Joanna’s emotional life. Her past and present converge in a stunning climax that will leave you, gentle reader, ravenous for more GUN HONEY.