S.A. Cosby tweeted the praises of Kellye Garrett’s LIKE A SISTER, so I gave it a taste. Worthy AF, gentle reader, worthy AF.

Columbia grad student Lena Scott has distanced herself from her high-profile record producer father and celebrity-adjacent reality star half-sister. But when Lena’s sister turns up dead by an apparent overdose (Fret not, gentle reader, this is no spoiler–it happens on page 1), Lena has serious doubts it went down the way the police think it did–and Lena’s suspicions only grow the deeper she digs…

Like a Sister is a smart, witty thriller with plenty of unpredictable twists and turns, and it packs a hell of an emotional punch. But what really got me excited about the book and Garrett as a writer is her ability to inhabit and champion her characters, who continually unfold throughout the story and often reveal surprising dimensions. The book explores deep emotional wounds, fractured lives, and grief–but Garrett’s sardonic humor and profound empathy, even for those seemingly furthest from grace, never allow the book to wallow in the maudlin and separate this story from your everyday potboiler. There are no stick figures or stock villains in this world.

If you’re a fan of audiobooks, Bahni Turpin‘s narration finds subtleties in the text and characters and stays keyed in to Garrett’s ironic regard for celebrity and influencer culture.

Engaging, thoughtful, and thrilling, I highly recommend you pick up Like a Sister at your favorite bookstore or local library.