With Teeth

Driving from Denver, CO to Lake Kiowa, TX, I listened to Brian Keene’s WITH TEETH, narrated by Time Winters, about a group of desperate West Virginians who venture into a hollow to scout an excellent place to cook meth and inadvertently stir up a nest of half-starved vampires. Keen draws his characters with depth and […]

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The second best thing about discovering a new author is discovering that they’re not. Author of over twenty-seven novels, Stephen Graham Jones is one such. And I’m giddy at the thought of working my way through his catalogue of twenty-sevenish novels. Yes, giddy. After eyeing the provocative cover of THE ONLY GOOD INDIANS for months, […]


Read Lovecraft Country

Lovecraft Country delights readers with a yarn that includes sorcerers, ghosts, the Illuminati, interdimensional travel, interplanetary travel, magical spells, and human transmogrification, but the real horror comes from the casual cruelty of Jim Crow’s America. In this regard, Matt Ruffe’s novel feels utterly grounded. As formidable a foes as we find in the Cabal of […]

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Bram Stoker’s Dracula is a parable of a sociopath. The eponymous antagonist feeds off the life-force of everyone with whom he is intimate, bringing nothing but tragedy, sorrow, and violence to everyone unfortunate enough to fall within his orbit. Despite Mr. Francis Coppolla’s romantic notions about the vampire, there is no final act of self-sacrifice for love […]

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