Books #2020

In random order. Some audio. Some analog. Some missing. As You Like It — William ShakespeareWhat the Buddha Taught – Walpole Sri RahulaTotal Power – Vince FlynnVicious – V.E. SchwabShibumi – TrevanianThe Southern Book Club’s Guide to Slaying Vampires – Grady HendrixGideon the Ninth – Tamsyn MuirThe Infinite Game – Simon SinekRules For Radicals – […]

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Read Lovecraft Country

Lovecraft Country delights readers with a yarn that includes sorcerers, ghosts, the Illuminati, interdimensional travel, interplanetary travel, magical spells, and human transmogrification, but the real horror comes from the casual cruelty of Jim Crow’s America. In this regard, Matt Ruffe’s novel feels utterly grounded. As formidable a foes as we find in the Cabal of […]

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Use Slugline 2

I’ve used Final Draft since 2003, and there’s nothing wrong with it. However, it’s chock-full of features I don’t use and has become so bloated as to complicate the use of features that I do. Then about a month ago, Henry called and told me I had to start using Slugline 2. Henry is a […]

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A Head Full of Ghosts

Is fourteen year-old Marjorie crazy or is she possessed? It’s a familiar setup, and Tremblay’s novel drags us through the first half of the novel with a lot of hand-wringing, family dinners, and vomiting before the inevitable exorcism. (Given how fond demons seem to be of possessing fourteen year-old girls, I’d give possession good odds). […]

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Honeymoon in Hell

Fredric Brown’s novels, short stories, and short-shorts have found their way into many film and tv shows over the years, with and without attribution. What sets Brown apart from (and above) most science fiction writers of the dubiously named “Golden Age” of science fiction is his use of irony and humor. Such is not to […]

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The Demolished Man

Like many pulp novels I’ve read, I found Bester’s The Demolished Man lying around in a used bookshop and fell in love with the title and cover, not realizing I’d stumbled onto a masterpiece.

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Bram Stoker’s Dracula is a parable of a sociopath. The eponymous antagonist feeds off the life-force of everyone with whom he is intimate, bringing nothing but tragedy, sorrow, and violence to everyone unfortunate enough to fall within his orbit. Despite Mr. Francis Coppolla’s romantic notions about the vampire, there is no final act of self-sacrifice for love […]

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