What works. What doesn’t.

Have you ever wondered why your favorite filmmakers sometimes follow up terrific films with terrible ones? They either stop asking for help or only solicit the opinions of people who will tell them what they want to hear. I call this the George Lucas effect. It’s often hard to see the shortcomings in our own work. If there’s an exception, I’m certainly not it, and there’s a good chance it’s not you either.

Screenplays offer a reader one of two experiences: delight or frustration. You want your screenplay to sell. At the very least, you want it to win contests and earn you some interest from agents, managers, and producers. And it can, but it’s got to be so nail-biting that readers won’t put it down when they run to the bathroom. It doesn’t matter the genre. Your screenplay must delight.

I’ve read multitudes of scripts, written dozens, optioned and sold several–and even gotten a couple made. My consultation provides you with more than coverage, which typically points to what doesn’t work but rarely offers insight regarding why the dramatic tension falls flat, a character feels two-dimensional, or the story creeps into familiar and predictable territory. Nor does coverage tell you how to solve these problems.

My consultation digs into your screenplay’s story structure, dramatic question, character development, pacing, and dialogue. What works. What doesn’t. Then I make clear suggestions to make it better. After we’re finished, you ought to have a powerful map you can use to dive into your next draft.

Why you should hire me

I’m a working screenwriter with produced feature credits and several projects on assignment and in development. In 2009, I completed an MFA in Screenwriting from UCLA, where I studied under Lew Hunter, Hal Ackerman, Dan Pyne, Richard Walter, and Howard Suber, among others.

Beyond my training and experience, I have a passion for helping other writers refine their voices on the page to create tight, fast-paced screenplays that deliver an emotional punch.

your screenplay

Must be between 80-120 pages, standard screenplay format. And includes ALL your contact information on the title page. If your screenplay is longer than 120 pages, edit.

Send me a PDF of your screenplay, logline, and synopsis.

Why do I need your logline and synopsis? Because typically you’ll need to submit them with every screenplay submission. So they must be exceptional as well. Where we will focus on your screenplay, I will also offer feedback on your logline and synopsis.


We will schedule the consultation up front. I typically require 1-2 weeks to read your screenplay and compose my recommendations, depending upon my schedule and current workload. However, I can do a 72 hour turnaround for a $200 surcharge.

If you need to reschedule your consultation, please give me at least a 24-hour notice. Last minute cancellations (less than 24 hours) or no-schow appointments can be rescheduled for a non-negotiable $50 fee.



WINTER PROMOTION: $100 OFF THE REGULAR RATE OF $495 THROUGH FEB 29, 2021! (Pending availability on a first-come basis).